Erica Moore

Photo courtesy: Erica Moore

VENICE- Erica Moore believes embracing change is part of her DNA as she enters another phase of life from local neighborhood advocate to potentially a seat on the Venice Neighborhood Council (

 The 58-year old entrepreneur and mother of two adult sons, one adopted and the other preparing to graduate from high school and enter college was philosophical about running for secretary of the twenty-one member VNC.

 A renter who lives in the Penmar neighborhood, Erica believes she approached life “backwards” and never thought catering and food would become her passion.

 Originally from Orange County where she dated the quarterback and was a cheerleader in high school, Erica held numerous jobs before migrating to Venice in the early 1980’s

 “People described me as High Energy Erica. I prepared lunches for my teachers. I had my first job at 13 and was on my own by the age of 17. I even lived in the Canals in a converted garage,” said Moore.  

 A former competitive body surfer, Erica moved to Hawaii before finally settling in Venice.

 Moore described Bonne Bouffe Catering as a “high profile, special event” business that did hundreds of parties and receptions for government officials and Hollywood personalities before her business model had to change with the times and the advent of COVID-19.

 Now Moore has changed her focus to serving as a vendor for the Meals on Wheels program in cooperation with the County of Los Angeles. She also works with the Grace Lutheran church and the homeless.

 Moore had to be certified to change her business direction and is proud of the healthy hot lunches prepared on behalf of her customers.

 COVID-19 created a hardship for her business where she went from once employing 36 to just eight today including her.

 “I needed to look at things from the center. I then shifted and changed with the times.”

 In lieu of the changes in her business, she needed to “ebb & flow,” needing to offer a high standard for her new clients and customers.

 When the discussion turned to the position of secretary, she was numerous and detailed in how to make the position even more effective.

 “I want to be supportive of the entire board. I want to work closely with our Communications Officer regarding the board’s website and want to offer my services to the Outreach Chair when it comes to event planning. This kind of cooperation will bring the community together.”

 When it came to public comment, she wanted to include these sentiments in board minutes and believed speakers should be visually seen on ZOOM calls moving forward.

 “Structure and transparency are important. I like to follow rules. I’m a down to earth person and I’m willing to help my fellow board members.”

 When it came to the traditional issues of the campaign, Moore said “We’re losing the Venice we all love. I support responsible development and affordable housing. I want to see more Mom & Pop retailers like me. I don’t want Venice to become Miami Beach.”

 When asked about the current board’s unity, she was blunt.

 “I don’t like the in-fighting. We need to make service to the stakeholders the #1 goal and priority.”

 As a resident of East Venice or east of Lincoln, Moore believes this side of the aisle needs more representation and support.

 “There seems to be a lack of knowledge and inclusion of East Venice in the current decision-making process. My presence could help change things.”

 After speaking out on several new development projects in her neighborhood she originally decided to run for treasurer, then finally settling on secretary and aligned with presidential hopeful Brian Averill and his 1Venice team (

 “I’m very excited and honored to run with Brian and his team. I feel connected with a true cause.”

 Describing herself as “super detailed and organized,” Moore views the position of secretary as a “serious commitment” she believes she can tackle should she be successful in this new chapter of change in her life.

 There are three candidates for secretary including the incumbent, Melissa “24-7” Diner.

 For details on how to secure a ballot, contact 

Mr. Antonicello is a 28-year resident of Dog Town and a member of the Outreach, Parking and Oceanfront Walk Committees of the VNC.