Ramada Inn Homeless Shelter

Ramada Inn Homeless Shelter (Venice Current)

VENICE- The Board of Public Works has set a hearing date for an appeal of the approval of coastal development for the Ramada Inn Marina Homeless Shelter. 

Families First Venice filed an appeal with the Los Angeles Bureau of Engineer (BOE) challenging the City's permit to move forward with the proposed 33-room transitional homeless shelter located on Washington Avenue in late March. 

According to a statement sent out by Families First Venice: "Without any notice to or input from the local community, the City purchased the former Ramada Inn and had plans to use it as a transitional shelter for a 'target population' of individuals from all over the City of Los Angeles currently residing near freeway overpasses. "

Among issues raised by the appeal is the City's failure to address concerns raised by the public about the project and ignoring a correlation between a concentration of services and increased crime in the community. 

 The appeal also states the City has not adequately addressed parking concerns, density or intensity of the use of the land and is failing to protect public safety, health, welfare, and property.

Families First Venice also said the City improperly attempted to steer Coastal Commission staff: "The CDP hearings violated the Brown Act, proper notice and community outreach were not provided, the underlying proceedings were not fair, objective or impartial; and the City awarded PATH a No-Bid contract worth millions and deeded a $10 million property purchased with taxpayer money to PATH."

A hearing before the Board of Public Works is set for Wednesday, April 14, at 10:00 a.m. You can click on the link for the hearing notice: Notice of BPW Hearing

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