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VENICE- Venice's Neighborhood Team Program (NTP) is inviting all Venice residents to its online emergency training.

The second virtual training session based on disaster and first aid is tonight at 7 p.m. You can RSVP here. 

NTP is an online training and neighborhood organizing program, delivered completely virtually. The training includes elements of both RYLAN (Ready Your Los Angeles Neighborhood) and CERT (Community Emergency Response Team).

All virtual training sessions will be held at 7pm on the 3rd Wednesday of every month and will last about 90 minutes. Participation is free and only requires internet access. The training modules are stand-alone so feel free to attend one, a few, or all six sessions.

Upcoming trainings are as follows: 

March 17th at 7pm: Disaster First Aid

After a major disaster, first responders may be spread thin, so it will be up to us to address the cuts, sprains, bone breaks, and other injuries our family and neighbors may suffer. You will learn some basic first aid techniques. Please note this is not a First Aid/CPR/AED certification class, but it does include elements from that discipline. Instructor: CERT Member, former EMT/X-Ray Tech, First Aid/CPR/AED Instructor, Marci Sandell. REGISTER HERE:

April 21st at 7pm: Search and Rescue

You will learn techniques to employ when checking in on neighbors and assisting them from their dwellings. We’ll discuss how to keep yourselves safe – such as recognizing downed powerlines.  We’ll look at how to help neighbors exit compromised buildings and the gear you need to possess to make this effort a success. Instructor: LAFD CERT South Bureau Coordinator, Chin Thammasaengsri.

May 19th at 7pm: Two-Way Radio Operations

After a major disaster, phone/internet service will be down or hopelessly backed-up. To gain “situational awareness” in your neighborhood and beyond, you will need two-way radios, HAM, FRS, GMRS, CB. You will learn about radios and systems used for post-disaster communications. Instructor: CERT South Bureau Radio Team Leader, Philip Jamtaas.

June 16th at 7pm: Ready Your Los Angeles Neighborhood, an offshoot of Map Your Neighborhood

This session will assist neighbors in the process of “mapping” their neighborhoods for the best places to set up staging areas and family reunification centers, identifying neighborhood members with usable skills, beginning the process of team formation, and putting that overall plan into practice. Instructor: TBA.

July 21st at 7pm: Neighborhood Watch/Situational Awareness/Neighborhood Security

This class is designed to demonstrate the role of Neighborhood Watch and its role in disaster preparedness. The biggest question neighborhoods ask revolves around how to secure their area after a disaster takes place. In this class, you’ll find out what your options are and how you can effectively implement them. Instructor: LAPD Senior Lead Officer.