Water runoff on Rose Ave

Rick Swinger documents water runoff at end of Rose Ave (Photo Courtesy/Stop Illegal Dumping Venice)

VENICE- The same week the Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) will vote on a motion that calls for E. coli testing and other hazardous substances from stormwater runoff into the ocean, the County issues a beach advisory. 

Los Angeles County health officials warned residents today to avoid beaches around storm drains, creeks, and rivers until Thursday due to rainfall. The advisory, issued by county Health Officer Dr. Muntu Davis, will be in effect until at least 10 a.m. Thursday, and could be extended depending on further rainfall.

On Tuesday, the VNC will vote on a motion that calls upon the Los Angeles City Council to work with governmental agencies such as the Los Angeles County Health Department and non-governmental organizations such as Heal the Bay to implement weekly testing for pathogens and hazardous chemicals at the Rose Avenue stormwater outlet. The motion also calls to do testing in the sand surrounding the outlet. 

The motion was presented at a public safety meeting on March 3. During the meeting, Rose Avenue resident and environmental activist Rick Swinger presented years of research he had done regarding pollution at the stormwater outlet. 


The motion calls to report the results to the tests each month, and to put up public warning signs at the site if any hazards are found in the testing and/or fence off the area, as necessary to protect public health.