VNC December meeting

VENICE - It seems governing in these tough times has had a “chilling” effect on the number of candidates currently seeking to serve on the 21-member Venice Neighborhood Council (

Mandated by the Los Angeles City Charter, this all-volunteer arm of local government is actively seeking candidates for the board to serve over the next two years beginning July 1, 2021.

As of this writing, no Venetian stakeholder has opted to file for the offices of President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, LUPC Chair, Outreach or Communications Chair.

In 2019, there were spirited races for President, Vice-President, LUPC and Outreach Chairs that saw longtime board member and President Ira Koslow defeat challenger Hollie Stenson by a total of 1,037-627. Incumbent Vice-President George Francisco easily vanquished his opponent 1,028-585 garnering nearly 64% of the vote.

Francisco, a native of Chicago and graduate of Columbia University also serves as President of the Venice Chamber of Commerce.

The races for Treasurer and Secretary saw incumbents Hugh Harrison and Melissa run unopposed.

In the hotly contested race for Land Use Planning Committee or LUPC, Alix Gucovsky defeated attorney Daffodil Tyminski by a vote of 785-779 or just six votes. Nicole Vann finished third with 51 votes.

Teresa White ran unopposed for Communications Chair replacing her husband Evan in that same capacity.

In the race for Outreach Chair, Sima Kostovetsky defeated longtime Venice resident 792-737 Joslyn Williams with Alby Navarro finishing third with 87 votes.

For more information on how to file and run for the board, contact Election Administrator Ivan Spiegel at

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