Andrew Mika

Photo courtesy (Andrew Mika)

VENICE – “Go west, young man!”

A call to action of so many who came to southern California to build a new life before him is a story as old as the Republic itself.

In the case of Andrew Mika, a 31-year old venture capitalist of sorts who describes himself as “energetic, effective, a creative thinker as well as a good listener, he joins a crowded field of first-time candidates seeking to become an at-large community officer of the Venice Neighborhood Council ( 

A graduate of Oratory Prep in New Jersey, Mika attended the University of Rhode Island and worked his way to Vice-President of Lincoln Avenue Capital, LLC which is dedicated to the acquisition of property for affordable housing units here in the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area. 

Mika moved to Venice permanently in September of 2020 after spending several years as a bi-coastal commuter and to build roots in his preferred locale. 

“Venice best thrives in a growing local economy. That means we need to make life in Venice better and cleaner, and that will strengthen the quality of life concerns we all want to retain.” 

While stating the obvious that safety and homelessness are universal concerns, “people are experiencing hard times, and compassion must be displayed for those most impacted,” offered Mika, who stressed the need for “stable housing” to bring Venice back for all concerned. 

Mika believes to bring the foot traffic back to Oceanfront Walk; some out-of-the-box thinking is required. 

“I believe movies at the beach and car shows are two ways to draw the visitors and tourists back. Encampments next to children’s playgrounds are terrifying and I need to motivate this community to work together to end this unacceptable circumstance of widespread homelessness.”

A diabetic himself, Mika wants to put his organizational and fundraising skills to good use as a community advocate for Venice.

Asked about the current leadership of Councilman Mike Bonin who represents Venice, Mika replied, “I don’t know anything he’s done for Venice.”

Mike imagined a “Friday Night Headlight’s” for Venice and a more active use of the beach to bring the community together.

When asked about his campaign, he’ll have a dose of Social Media as well as some “old school campaigning” so that he can broaden his name appeal to run a positive campaign. 

“I just like Venice,” replied Mika.

To learn more about the VNC or the upcoming elections, visit the council at

Antonicello is a member of the Outreach, Oceanfront Walk and Parking committee’s of the Venice Neighborhood Council and can be contacted at