Lost Dog

It’s an anniversary that Yuki did not anticipate–it’s been eight weeks since her dog, Melo, has been missing. 

Melo’s disappearance happened at a parking garage at 2720 Neilson Way in Santa Monica.   Yuki says she was getting out of the car  when Melo took off and ran through the gate of the parking garage.

“I always had a leash on him,” said Yuki. “This one time I didn’t. I don’t know what happened –if he heard a noise and got scared.”  


Since Melo’s disappearance, Yuki said he [Melo] has been spotted on the Santa Monica and Venice Boardwalk living in different homeless encampments.

Part of Yuki’s biggest concern with Melo living on the streets, his health. Melo has severe allergies and needs special food and care. 

“I haven’t worked the last eight weeks,” said Yuki.  “I’ve been searching every day.” Yuki said there is some solace in knowing that someone has her dog. ” I just hope we can catch him.”  

Yuki has reached out to dog rescue groups and facilities in the area. 

Melo is a French Bulldog.  He is 11-months old, weighs 30 pounds and has a distinct star on his chest.