Brian Averill

Photo Courtesy Brian Averill

VENICE- And now there are three. 

VNC Community Officer Brian Averill has officially joined the race for President of the Venice Neighborhood Council (www.venicenc,org), creating a three-way contest this June.

Averill, a twenty-year Venetian originally from New York City called his candidacy a “new direction for Venice,” as well as the 21-member all-volunteer neighborhood council.

“I think I can bring people together. I have built significant community support and I have demonstrated I can work well with others regardless of their views. We need more a more positive, less divisive approach to solving the problems that face Venice today,” offered Averill, a graduate of New York University (NYU) School of Film and the author of his own book, “Concrete to Salt Water.”

Averill, a professional photographer by trade joins Ben Decker and James Murez as presidential hopefuls who will stand before the stakeholders come June.

A current member of the Outreach and Oceanfront Walk Committee’s, Averill is in agreement with most Venetians that COVID-19, rampant homelessness and rising crime are the issues that stakeholders really care about most.

In particular, Averill is most concerned about the conditions at the boardwalk and is prepared to offer specific proposals on how best to get the unhoused off the streets and indoors in a safe and humane way.

Averill like many Venetians also believes “the sponge is full” as to Venice’s obligation to house and service the homeless.

“Venice has demonstrated a commitment to helping the homeless for a long time.” 

Averill said he would work with the entire board to create motions and directives to elected officials and city agencies that offer a “reasoned intelligence” in solving the issues and challenges that face Venice and its diversified populace that seems worn out by COVID-19 and the ever burdening issues of homelessness and street crime.

Averill stressed that despite that diversity and difference of opinion, bringing people together and getting “people on the same page” will be a top priority in the way he leads by example.

“We need to address issues in a way that builds community support. I want to build a consensus and that’s the only way we can seriously change things for all Venetians.” 

Averill was asked if he would participate in a debate with his opponents and stated, “Absolutely”!”

March 22nd is the final day to file for office and if interested in running for the VNC, contact