VENICE- A sign hanging outside Arbor Collective is creating quite the buzz.  The business owner of the establishment, whose security guard was severely beaten, hung a sign Friday that reads 'F-You Bonin Resign Today'. 

The sign is getting a lot of attention on social media channels like Twitter. Multiple people have weighed with messages of their own saying "enough is enough" and "we stand with you." 

The recall Mike Bonin group also tweeted at the business asking for permission to start getting signatures for their recall efforts at the establishment.

On Thursday, A security guard who worked at Arbor Collective was beaten in the parking, according to the business owner Bob Carlson.

Carlson said his guard, "T", who is well-loved by employees and the community, asked a person experiencing homelessness to leave the company parking lot after observing they were under the influence.

According to Carlson, the homeless person then took a bottle and hit T over his head, breaking the bottle. 

Carlson said the person proceeded to stab T multiple times in the head and torso with the broken bottle. 

Carlson said after the struggle, T was able to subdue the homeless individual before stumbling away. The suspect then left the parking lot. Carlson said members of his staff, who witnessed the attack, followed the suspect until police arrived. 

Emergency crews transported T to the hospital, where he received multiple staples in his head, wrist and torso. 

"We are on our own. We are alone in dealing with violent people who can kill you and there is nobody who is going to save you. If that had been one of my employees in our parking lot--that person would be dead," said Carlson.

Carlson said that even though his business is global, Venice is the only place where there is a need to hire a professional guard to ensure safety for employees and customers. "We don't know how much longer we can stay when our staff are being assaulted."

"We want to be a part of solutions, but we have welcomed dangerous people to Venice. Mike Bonin has refused to let our police enforce the laws."

Members of the community set up a Go Fund Me page for T. The page reads: "T is a beloved member of the Venice community. Even kids from the nearby school know him and say hi to him."

"As a community, we would like to show our love and support."