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Muck Rock Jean Jacket

Muck Rock Jean Jackets (Venice Current)

VENICE- Her artwork is all over surfaces in Venice—walls, garage doors, vehicles—and now it’s wearable.

Jules Muck, who paints under the name Muck Rock, has silk screened her signature “muck bunnies” onto old drop cloths she used while painting and sewn them onto jackets, jumpsuits and shirts. Sold at Principessa on Abbot Kinney, Muck started offering the clothing around Valentine’s Day.

“There’s a lot of paint splatter,” Muck said of the material. “It has a cool, worn-out feel.”

After many of the initial items sold out, Muck is now silk-screening the bunnies onto swatches of Mexican blankets since she’s running out of drop cloths. A friend sews the fabric onto jackets, and Muck said all the material is locally sourced.

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“To me, it’s always meant keep producing,” Muck said of her signature pair of copulating rabbits. “I’ve always heard you’re either a consumer or a producer. And I wanted to produce. For me, it’s keep going, keep making stuff, keep making more and don’t worry about it.”

Muck said she’s painted her “muck bunnies” on RVs and garages here and murals overseas. Some people have called it the Venice mascot, she said, but it’s just her mascot. She’s even tattooed it on people for free on Easter.

“Of course, I get to put the bunnies out there which is so fun for me ‘cause they either been loved or hated,” Muck said of branching out into putting her artwork onto clothes. “I think it’s hilarious people are buying and wearing them considering some of the pushback.”

That pushback, she said, includes controversy in Kokomo, Indiana, and Kent, England, where her muck bunny murals drew polarized reactions.

Prior to this round of muck bunny clothing, Muck said she sold her old paint-splattered pants at Principessa in a successful run that included celebrity buyers.