Photo courtesy IMDB (Venice Current)

VENICE-Ca.- A popular Amazon Prime Series based partly in Venice is holding a stakeout, the Bosch Stakout. 

The Bosch Stakeout is an event planned to bring fans together to celebrate Bosch on Amazon Prime.

Harry Bosch and his fellow detectives have spent plenty of hours on stakeout watching for a suspect to make a move. One popular scene was when Harry and J. Edgar were on stakeout in Venice hoping to spot the suddenly elusive Woody Woodrow in Bosch season 3.

Now you have the chance to team up with your fellow Bosch fans and spend your time staking out, a.k.a. watching, all 6 seasons of the popular detective series currently available on Amazon Prime. While some fans may be watching for the first time, others are happy to re-watch while anxiously anticipating season 7 for which filming wrapped in January, according to So Many Shows!.

The Bosch Stakeout is a synchronized viewing of the series allowing fans to watch “together” around the world, comment on the episodes, and enjoy Bosch trivia questions.

The stakeout out will cover one season per Saturday for 6 consecutive weeks. Your host for the season one viewing party will be Bosch Trivia. Viewing starts at 9 am PT (US) with episode 1. Watch the first 5 episodes starting each one on the hour. Take an intermission at 2:00 pm to refuel and pick up with episodes 6 through 10 starting at 3:00 pm PT.

The dates are:

  • Season 1 Saturday February 27th
  • Season 2 Saturday March 6th
  • Season 3 Saturday March 13th
  • Season 4 Saturday March 20th
  • Season 5 Saturday March 27th
  • Season 6 Saturday April 3rd

You can join the fun “investigation” on Twitter. Follow along and tweet using hashtag #BoschStakeout.