The Los AngelesPolice  Department  says it plans to resume enforcing a ban on homeless people pitching tents and lean-tos on the beach and grass areas around the Venice boardwalk.

In a report by the Los Angeles Times, Chief Michael Moore said that the LAPD chose to reverse a decision he and Councilmember Mike Bonin made during the beginning of the Coronavirus outbreak to not crack down on camping on the beach.

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The Venice Current first reported on the agreement the two had made earlier in the week. According to Venice Field Deputy Nisa Kove, Chief Michael Moore and Councilmember Mike Bonin made an agreement that LAPD would not enforce 63.44 during the pandemic.

Kove told residents that Bonin’s office is listening to CDC homeless guidelines, which states it’s unsafe to have have the unhoused moved during the pandemic.

LAPD Deputy Chief Justin Eisenberg told the LA Times that officers will ask people to take down their tents voluntarily and cite violators. Nightly counts in the area around the boardwalk tally about 50 tents, he said, and police have seen an increase in violent crime this month, including four shootings and a stabbing.

“It should be noted that encampment compliance and enforcement measures actually help achieve CDC guidelines in improving sanitary conditions and reducing bulk to allow for increased spacing,” Eisenberg said.